ACTIA Surveillance Solutions

ACTIA have designed a range of on-board digital CCTV products to specifically meet the on-board security needs of the bus, tram and train operator. With over 4500 systems protecting vehicles, drivers and passengers throughout Europe and the United States, ACTIA is a major player in the world of mobile surveillance for vehicle fleets.

Safeguarding drivers, passengers & vehicles

Designed for bus, tram & train
BOP has been developed specifically for vehicle use and the rigors of such environment without risking the corruption of data.

These solutions provide great recording quality, large hard disk drives, and a proven record in delivering the security, evidence, and crime deterrent demanded by the vehicle operator.

Thousands of hours of ACTIA CCTV footage have been used as evidence in cases of anti-social behavior, vandalism and contested insurance claims.


BOP is an 8 or 16 channel digital recorder and provides DVD quality images. Its built-in connectivity offers a range of options to enhance recordings and usage, including telematics, GPS/data-logging, driver’s monitor and passenger information. BOP may be used with both analogue and IP cameras.

Whatever your application or operating environment, BOP can be tailored to suit your requirements.


Integrated CCTV
With ACTIA electronics being present on many manufactured vehicles, full integration with existing on-board electronics is possible. This offers greater reliability, easier installation and seamless addition of CCTV, with no need to bolt on extra switches or driver’s monitor.

In addition, ACTIA CCTV is designed to be used in conjunction with ACTIA Eco-FleetTM Telematics, to provide remote CCTV status monitoring and incident reporting to the fleet manager.

Powerful Receiver
On-board CCTV is much more than a visible deterrent on the vehicle. While its mere presence helps reduce vandalism and anti-social behavior, the data captured by cameras and (optionally) microphones and GPS/data-logging systems is a crucial evidence in insurance claims, assaults or vehicle accidents.

ACTIA’s Reviewer software offers a user-friendly solution both for operators who simply want fast access to incident data, and those who wish to make detailed analysis for recorded footage.

Skip through the timeline to quickly identify incident footage, see multiple camera views, audio and vehicle data (brake, door, indicator status) simultaneously to build a complete picture of an event. This data is watermarked and can be exported to CD/DVD/USB.



The BOP HD video protection system records high quality video images from up to 16 channels, combined with audio microphone, GPS and vehicle data such as the status of indicators, brakes and door open/closed. This builds a comprehensive picture of vehicle events when an incident occurs.

Data is stored on a secure removable hard disk with up to 2TB data capacity, allowing for several weeks of footage to be recorded. Incident footage is protected in an alarm buffer and can be reviewed using the powerful BOP Reviewer Station and Software, or sent through W-LAN module to a depot server.

A range of vandal-proof cameras is available for internal and external mounting, including analogue and IP options.

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BOP Reviewer
BOP Reviewer

This software application enables full analysis of BOP recorded data. It is easy to use and ergonomic, and allows the CCTV Controller to review video and audio sequences recorded on the vehicle.

Images are encrypted and can only be viewed by authorized users. Data is accessed either by date and time or by identifying alarm footage (indicated in red).

Export function enables the user to burn footage on a CD or DVD and playback software to DVD.

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Passenger Counting System
Passenger Counting System

ACTIA’s passenger counting systems are designed to automatically gather passenger count and bus stop activity data, enabling operators and transport authorities to understand public transport usage by location, time and date:

  • Count number of passengers on, off and where for each bus stop.
  • Assess passenger distribution across the fleet throughout the day.
  • Enables assessment of passenger carbon footprint.

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