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ACTIA Podium IIBuses and Coaches are now one of the key modes of transport for today and tomorrow. They sit at the heart of urban planning, environmental, safety and, more generally, economic issues, being ideally matched to society’s expectations for modern passenger transport. The whole sector must, more than ever, step up to meet these expectations.

Actia proposes a holistic approach to vehicle design and that will support the OEM throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

ACTIA for OEMs ··············

An independent electronic architect

ACTIA helps you design the most robust and cost-effective electronic architecture for your vehicle, thanks to:

  • A uniquely modular product range, centered around the ACTIMUX system.
  • A comprehensive design tool, ActiGRAF.
  • Support from ACTIA engineering at every step of your design.

A medium-sized company, ACTIA is committed to providing responsive service to bus and coach customers.

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Infrastructure for your connected services

ACTIA provides a unique platform to let you create your connected services, thanks to a 20-year expertise in Telematics and 30 years in Diagnostics. This platform consists of:

  • Versatile communication devices.
  • The capability to tailor rich applications.
  • A cloud-based user portal that ACTIA can operate on your behalf.
  • ACTIA’s connected diagnostics solution.

ACTIA respects your added value and allows you to combine those elements according to your strategy.

Electric bus

ACTIA’s new electric bus traction system is complete with ACTIA’s powertrain, lithium batteries and battery management. The system was designed with flexibility in mind. Its strengths are:

  • High performance, thanks to quality permanent-magnet motors and long-life, fast-charge batteries.
  • A compact yet modular design, allowing to conveniently lay out the elements within the vehicle space.
  • A configurable gearbox, ready for compatibility with existing mechanical architectures.

ACTIA’s experience in electric traction covers a large range of vehicles, from light vehicles to railway.

ACTIA for Fleets ··············

ACTIA cloud
ACTIA Fleet software
Electric bus

One-stop shop for a connected vehicle

ACTIA’s monitoring and connectivity solutions bring value to the vehicle owner:

  • Safety, through our range of camera and recording devices.
  • Economy and Ecology, through the eco-driving suite.
  • Vehicle availability, through active reliability monitoring.

ACTIA designs and manufactures its own devices and software, providing a seamless integration. All services are made available in real time through a completely connected platform.

Connected for reliability

ACTIA has a unique experience at the in the convergence of vehicle Telematics and vehicle Diagnostics. This allows ACTIA to be ahead of the pack in connected diagnostics solutions, with communication device and software seamlessly integrated.

Our full remote diagnostics solution enables a service department to perform engineering-level diagnostics anywhere in the world.

Connected infotainment solutions

Bring connectivity to passengers as well as providing quality on-board sound audio-video systems, ACTIA offers complete digital solutions including:

  • Wifi connectivity.
  • Video on demand on the passenger’s smartphone.
  • In-seat entertainment systems.

In addition, ACTIA can provide a full service to manage digital content for you, including content updates and movie rights management.

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