ACTIA Know How

ACTIA’s expertise in the areas of multiplexed solutions, HMI, Diagnostics and Electrical Architecture is second to none. Our technologies are modular and based on industry standards that ensure the longevity and compatibility of our solutions. Although these solutions meet the needs of our customers, ACTIA transcends the competition by creating a partnership with our customers to continue to move them down the path of innovation and leadership. As solutions providers and integrators, ACTIA understands the entire vehicle and routinely uses that knowledge to help our customers avoid the finger pointing that occurs between suppliers when something goes wrong.


ACTIA’s expertise in vehicle electrical architecture has provided the necessary know-how to develop scalable and easy-to-integrate multiplexing solutions that can span multiple markets and allow OEMs to take advantage of the latest technologies available with great ease.

ACTIA Human Machine Interface (HMI) expertise

ACTIA’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) know-how comes from years of interacting with OEMs and End-Users. This interaction has allowed ACTIA to be proactive to the needs of the operator when developing HMI technologies. From gauges and displays to the all-integrated dash, these solutions have been carefully designed with the safety, comfort and ergonomics of the end-user/operator.


Since 1986, the year ACTIA was founded, the mission was to develop and deploy diagnostics across multiple markets and multiple solutions. Since then diagnostics has become embedded in our DNA with traces found across technologies developed across many platforms. Our on-board or off-board diagnostics serves the needs of both the OEM and independent workshops.

Electric Drive

Years of R&D coupled by a drive for green mobility has led to the development of state-of-the-art solutions in the realm of electrification. Today many applications are powered by ACTIA’s energy storage systems, electric powertrains, and/or power conversion technologies.