There have been much automotive advancement over the years leading up to today’s well-connected, sensor-rich automobiles. These improvements have focused on key areas such as fuel economy, engine power and performance, safety, driver and passenger convenience, ride quality, fuel source, data-connectivity and entertainment. Let’s not forget revolutionary advancements in the form of powertrain systems and push towards autonomy. The transfers of power from a car’s engine to its wheels have changed considerably.

ACTIA is leading the way to a new generation of motion, power and supply. By leveraging their core expertise in optimizing system architecture, they can provide the best electrification solutions in fully integrated EV powertrains which include in-house designed and built inverters, converters and master controller that link with ACTIA’s own battery management system, battery packs, telematics and diagnostics. Solutions are available with various motors and gear boxes to power class 1 to 8 vehicles. ACTIA is driving innovations for rental fleets of city electric vehicles, amusement park, mining vehicles, autonomous guided vehicles for material movement and commercial trucks and transit vehicles worldwide.