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ACTIA's history, or how we became a Group of leading companies specialized in vehicle electronics and diagnostics.


ACTIA is a turn-key supplier, providing diagnostic tools, diagnostic software, vehicle interfaces VCIs, and various other services as well as knowledge in all relevant automotive databus and protocols: CAN, J1850, ISO9141, J1939, KWP2000, SAEJ2534...


ACTIA has experience in a large variety of vehicle applications such as solid state power management, power conversion, data and event recordersand custom electronic designs. ACTIA's Man Machine Interface (MMI) product offering includes electronic instrument clusters, gauges, message centers, information displays gauge panels, cockpit assemblies, gauge driver, input modules..
ACTIA's brand name VideoBus is leading the market in vehicle audio and video entertainment systems, including CRT and TFT monitors, audio amplifiers, individual sound system, microphones, loudspeakers and other accessories..


ACTIA provides on-line software evaluation and updates for current and potential customers.

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